dad's army

so today i decided to practice my cursive by writing out rush lyrics

i rly like brainstorm



Thanks to the Allspark for these photos! I just… I need this Brainstorm since like yesterday. He’s a headmaster too!!

HAWK LOOK. what do you think, better or worse than the third party one you have?

"Head converts to pilot!" thank goodness that is like a necessity for a bs toy to me. i think it looks nice but id prolly like my other one better. i won’t know til i have my hands on one…

but can you have TOO many brainstorms??? i think not.


Hey, so long story short: I’m in a bit of a financial bind right now.

Worst comes to worst, I do have family I can ask for help, so please don’t panic about my immediate well-being. But honestly, I have about $20 to my name until my next paycheck, and that’s very stressful for me. I’d really like to build at least a small safety buffer back up, so that I don’t have to worry about choosing between paying for groceries, or having bus fare so that I can get to work.

I also feel that my old commission information was way too bogged down in options… I’d like to try something different, and just keep things small and simple for now.

Digital colored bust sketches are $10, larger limited-color sketches in marker are $15. If you’re interested in something more complex, message me and we can discuss it.

I’ll draw basically any character— furry, monster, robots/transformers, human, etc. A small prompt for their pose or emotional state is also deeply appreciated.

I can be contacted here on tumblr, or at


(And if you’re a MTMTE fan and interested in traditional block prints, I still have several of these Chromedome/Rewind prints available for $15 + $2 shipping.)

one time i was at my grandparents with like the full family there and we were like on our way in or out. i was in the doorway. and my brother just turns to me and says

"hey, when is the best time to wear a sweater"

and i just sang the striped sweater song from spongebob right there because i cant help myself

and the entire family was just “wat”

it was good

or maybe its me/dart

dorcas/oswin is my non lyn/hector otp for blazing sword

minimusminor said: Correction, you are THE piss baby.

It’s true!

hawkins: its offical then
hawkins: im a piss baby