dad's army

Going to join this dA group once I get a tablet so that I can draw for it. :^)

I’ve been feeling really bad lately about… things I’ve left or have gotten away from me. Friends I no longer talk to and groups I no longer interact with. Characters I forget exist and fandoms I’ve grown away from.

And I just. Can’t feel bad about those anymore.

I’m moving on to a new chapter of my life, finally moving out of my parent’s house in only 6 days. I don’t have the energy or the time or the emotion to those kinds of things. I’m sick of feeling embarrassed by my past self and my poor interacts in groups back in the day.

I’m sorry if I’ve come off as neglectful ever, but past this point, it’s all behind me. I will try remember just the good parts and ignore the bad.

I’m looking towards the future now. And I’m not going to apologize for younger, confused me past this.

This probably means nothing to anyone really. But I have a lot of emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around for years now… a decade even. And I feel like I’ve gotten to a point I will finally be able to let that go.

marinayoshi said: I haven’t drawn Pike with her helmet on, either… THE CASE OF THE MISSING HATS.

oh dear! someone must be after the red sollies’ helmets :o

or maybe sollies are just bad at holding onto their belongings.. yeah that is much more likely….

manicscribble said: I heard along with the stunti-toys announcement that they will tie into IDW in some way; maybe they’ll be brought back into the story next year

OOOoooooo. That makes me excited, though I won’t get my hopes up… just in case.

fun fact: ace lost his helmet after dying in M3 and aside from two crack entries, i never drew in back on his stupid head on teg since…

ughhh reading old teg rps just makes me want to draw a ton of ace…. maybe i will >__>

minimusminor said: I did like the TFA versions of them but that was 80% because of lady Drag Strip, and there’s little chance of seeing them in ongoing canon

god dragstrip is so…. perfect. i really like her as a femme. (i like anyone as a femme) but…

(i love them all so much oh my god im going to die)

im really sad that… the tfa versions were just botcon exclusive stuff :^(

i just wish i had more to consume of them because at this point its all fanfiction and there is like next to nothing of them.

tho lets be real, the greatest tf fic is a stunti-fic.

minimusminor said: I’m just unable to enjoy them in comics after Costa’s fuckery of them

oh noooo that makes me so sad

i just want to see more of my horrible children being horrible

but not horribly written…..

there is so much potential with the stunticons or maybe im just far too head over heels to see anything else haha

I really want to see the Stunticons as a team in something new tf :^(

It’s really unlikely to happen in the ongoing comics (c’mon give me just a little cameo to cheer me up) and the new show seems even more unlikely.

At least we are getting a new set of Stunticon toys. I’m hoping they sell well so we can get more Stunti-action. u__u